Who is TCB

We are a computer company from the Hochsauerlandkreis in Germany with many years of experience. We run a local computer shop together with a number of internet projects in cooperation with bigger and smaller clients.


  • Digital Signage - with the yourscreen.de product we bring your advertisement onto your TV.
  • Public and company WiFi: based on our der-hotspot product with the systems SMS, Pay, Ticket and Basic, we connect you and your clients to the internet.
  • Hardware and Software solutions: we provide you with installation and maintenance of your network and computer systems.
  • Due to our local computer store, we can always provide you with the latest and greatest hardware. We know what is good.

why choose us

Service from a single partner

We know our hard- and software and can solve any problems you may encounter.

Data protection: German servers

All our data is stored and processed only on German servers. Fast access and data protection result from this.


As a small company, you always reach humans willing to help you.

Worth the price

Our products are worth their price, and support is always included.

Frank Tilli


Fabian Cramer

Client Support

Tobias Liebe

Client Support

Andy Hupperich

System Developer

Lucas Rothamel

Chief Developer

Anton Shumilov

Software Engineer

Oleg Axenov


Yehia Awad

Software Engineer

Anna Mazuruk

Quality Assurance